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i make custom apples to apples cards

Back when I was at NYU, there was a games club called PLAY. Best club ever. Basically a club that’d just meet every Wednesday and sometimes on weekends to play board games and video games. From taking 18 credit course loads and working 20+ hours a week, I honestly would have gone crazy from stress without it. Plus I made a ton of friends there. So when the president of PLAY was graduating and his term was over, a bunch of PLAY members wanted to do something nice for the guy to commemorate all the years of fun by creating a custom pack of Apples to Apples cards with different memories on them.

Naturally, I jumped at the chance to pitch in.

Here are what normal Apples to Apples cards look like:

apples to applesapples to apples


I sent in these templates at first. Just a mish mash and collage of everything that made up Games Club while still being recognizable as Apples to Apples cards:



Unfortunately, mostly being college students, they couldn’t afford color printing. Plus they wanted it to be far more intimate. So they were going to go with this as the back on plain card stock since one of the members already designed it:


Um… I really didn’t think it would print nicely… But the idea was alright so I wanted to incorporate it. It used Settlers of Catan and Scrabble but I really wanted to go nuts with this thing so I made this in roughly an hour or two:


I tried to squeeze in as much as possible. Instead of mixing Scrabble and Settlers of Catan, I just used Settlers but changed the tiles and added the towns, roads and dice. After the Apples to Apples logo on the top, I put the titles of all these board games on the left, vector videogame controllers on the right and I put Mafia (which is a really popular group game in PLAY) on the bottom. Thankfully I had already made a lot of these graphics for other projects so it was pretty easy making it. Last but not least, I added the NYU torch background.

Stylistically, I made sure your eye read the letters in the right order with subtle color changes, the flow of the road and the positioning of elements. Plus I provided a lot of contrast for the main elements.

Left the other side blank so they could fill it in with whatever and draw onto the cards

The real measure of success though is how they turned out so:


I heard he was pretty flabbergasted at the whole thing and emotional. So yay. Job well done and it’s the least I could have done for keeping me sane throughout college.



  1. Name * wrote:

    Hey can I order a custom Apples to Apples card from you with the words I want?

  2. Nelda wrote:

    Kewl you should come up with that. Exeenlclt!

  3. Madison wrote:

    Are you able to make custom sets? If so I would love to potentially do business with you!