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i make’s logo

A start up company for picture hosting,, opened around 1 or 2 years ago. Its business follows in the same vein as imageshack and photobucket but a large part of their market is from a social media website called reddit because the owner is an active participant in the community. Originally, they had this logo for the website:

It’s very web 2.0 with the gradients and glowing letters or shadows. The letters for imgur are hazy compared to the tagline so they don’t match up too well. The tag line is oddly spaced. It doesn’t feel like a design for a “simple” image sharer at all. There were a lot of issues with it. It’s not the best logo so they decided to change it on April 1 to this.


It looks like a crappy version of the spiderman movie logo. Because of the date, a lot of people assumed that it was some sort of joke but as the days went on, it sort of became obvious that it wasn’t. It was a serious attempt at rebranding. I decided to submit a design for consideration:

imgur logo

I wanted to keep it very simple but still maintain some visual interest with color and the font. Why did I separate the letters like that? Well, it’s because of the way that the word is supposed to be pronounced. It’s pronounced as “imager” not “im-gur” so I wanted to emphasize that. Plus I wanted to emphasize the img part of the word because of html and bbc tags.

A couple of people liked it but unfortunately he decided to go another direction and picked another person’s submission as his logo:

No arguments here, it’s very solid logo but I still love my logo quite a bit so I figure I might as well share it 🙂


  1. Mathias wrote:

    What is the font used in the final logo?