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i make manga fan art

Back in a time when I could not draw hands (7 years ago?), I drew a lot of fan art. Just little vignettes of my favorite characters in whatever anime/manga/game that I was currently watching/reading/playing. I actually started really getting into drawing the more that I would copy these drawings and these art styles. I can look back fondly at these pictures and remember obsessing over every single detail. Erasing and redrawing over and over again. And actually, some of these drawings were the first that I had ever sold.

I went to Otakon and on a whim, I wanted to see whether I was a good enough for people to want to buy my art. So, I entered them into the auction. I wasn’t really expecting anything from it but amazingly, they had all sold. I was ecstatic. I mean, even though it had cost $30 to auction them and I had gotten $15.74 back for them… it still meant that someone out there thought my art was good enough to pay for. It was a major affirmation.

Anyway, I hope you like them 🙂ryu pencil sketch street fighter