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i make the irish imbible

I love designing things. I go nuts for it. Sometimes, when I have spare time or when work is low, I like to help with friend’s websites and give them a little nudge on how things could look like or send mock ups to people looking for web designs. It’s good practice when I have nothing to do so I view it as time spent on polishing my design skills. As a rule though, I do not usually make mock ups like these or show them to potential clients without some contract or compensation. It’s unfortunate but some people will take your design, not pay you for it and have someone else code it.

Anyway, here’s one of the designs that I made that I just love but never really materialized because the client lost interest/wasn’t willing to pay for the web design.

Creative Brief:

Project Name: The Irish Imbible

Project Overview: A cooking website/blog written by a college student. There was no strict concept beyond that he liked the name “The Irish Imbible”. He wanted a very simple sleek website that evoked the name and a logo that followed. It’s main target audience was supposed to be cooking fanatics of all ages. Here’s what I was looking at. The default blogger theme.

Prognosis: Simple. Functional. Boring. It’s the default template, what can I say?

With copy and pasting, here’s the mock-up that I came up with in 30-45 minutes:

Irish Imbible website mockup

Design Fix: I love the name and it instantly brought to mind a lot of imagery for logos. I decided on a simple logo that you could instantly understand (a four leaf clover with a bite taken out of it).

In order to make the site feel old school recipe book-ish and Irish at the same time, I picked Harrington as the font.

Continuing the Irish theme, I settled on an all green palette and I created a green plaid to be used around the entire site. The green plaid is used in multiple parts in order to make the entire site lightweight but also it gives a unified theme without looking too derivative.

I created varying hierarchies in colors, contrast, font weight and font size for the different headers to lead the eye to the right information.

I decided to not mess with the format too much since he didn’t want anything complicated so I kept the general layout of the website but I moved his picture and blurb to the top. There was no need for a separate about page and keeping that blurb near the top instantly brands his page and makes people more willing to trust his recipes.

I added a mock picture of food to his post. He did not have any and that’s a major misstep for any food blog. He didn’t think it was that important but really, you see before you even try so I wanted to incorporate an example just so that he’d understand that.

Created a very simple footer

All in all, it’s actually one of my favorite redesigns just because of how simple it is and I hope you like it for that as well. (Hopefully enough to hire me~ *wink wink*nudge nudge*)


  1. Will wrote:

    Really great stuff, and only 30-45 min? Impressive.

  2. rau206 wrote:

    Thanks! Mock ups tend not to take a lot of time when you know your way around Photoshop or illustrator haha. It’s the coding that still gets to me